Our city's Utility Department stands as the cornerstone of our community's essential services, providing water, sewer, storm water and natural gas solutions to meet the diverse needs of our residents.

Customers seeking assistance or information can easily reach the Utility Department by dialing (229) 248-2014 during regular business hours. This centralized contact ensures that residents can promptly address their utility-related queries and concerns.

Recognizing the importance of accessibility, the department offers after-hours emergency lines for all three services – water, sewer, and natural gas. These emergency contact details can be conveniently found on our website, guaranteeing that residents have access to immediate assistance, even during non-business hours.

To streamline utility connections, we've introduced online sign-up options, conveniently located below. These user-friendly links enable residents to request utility services with ease, promoting a seamless transition for new customers and ensuring that everyone can access our essential utilities hassle-free.

In summary, our Utility Department is committed to providing reliable and accessible water, sewer, and natural gas services to our community. With a focus on customer convenience, they offer various communication channels and online sign-up options to enhance the overall utility experience for our residents.

To reach the Utilities offices, please call (229) 248-2014.

Rusty Adams

Utilities Director

Phone Number

Hubert Campbell

Water Superintendent

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Kevin Maxwell

Natural Gas Supervisor

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Eric Malone

Sewer Superintendent

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