Code Enforcement/Marshal's Office

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The City Marshal's Office is responsible for enforcing all state and local laws and ordinances relevant to maintaining clear and safe streets and lots.

  • Enforces city codes and ordinances relating to planning and zoning, historic preservation, property maintenance codes and other assigned areas for code violations.

  • Investigates and acts upon complaints and violations reported to the city or county or any of its departments.

  • Inspects properties for code violations such as dilapidated structures, exterior building maintenance, address numbers, overgrown lots, abandoned motor vehicles, junk, trash, soil erosion, and illegal dump sites.

  • Inspects businesses for occupation tax certificates, alcohol licensing, and issues notices to those not in compliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Zoning/Code Enforcement Complaint Form

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Use this form to submit a zoning or code enforcement complaint. Anonymous complaints will not accepted.