Public Works

TSPLOST paving crew

The City of Bainbridge Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance of our streets, alleys, and roadways as well as sanitation and is home to the city shop who is responsible for the maintenance of city vehicles and equipment.

Street Department

Our city's Street Department plays a pivotal role in maintaining our urban infrastructure and ensuring smooth mobility for our residents. One of their primary tasks is addressing the perennial issue of potholes that plague our roadways. With unwavering dedication, they tirelessly patch up these road imperfections, safeguarding both vehicles and pedestrians.

Additionally, the Street Department is instrumental in our city's paving projects. They meticulously plan and execute these endeavors to provide us with freshly paved streets, enhancing our driving experience and the overall aesthetics of our neighborhoods. Street repairs are another facet of their responsibilities, as they work diligently to mend damaged road sections, ensuring safety and convenience for commuters.

Beyond these essential tasks, the department undertakes curb and gutter sweeping, maintaining the cleanliness and functionality of our drainage systems. Their commitment to removing dead trees from the right of way is equally vital, safeguarding our streets from potential hazards and preserving the urban greenery that enriches our cityscape. In essence, our city's Street Department is the unsung hero behind our smoothly paved, safe, and beautiful streets, contributing to our quality of life in countless ways.

Sanitation Department

Our city's Sanitation Department plays an indispensable role in maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of our community. Their dedicated efforts encompass the efficient removal of yard and household garbage debris, ensuring our neighborhoods remain pristine and free from waste-related concerns.

For our residential customers, the Sanitation Department manages the pickup of yard debris, encompassing leaves, limbs, and yard clippings. This service not only keeps our residential areas visually appealing but also promotes eco-friendly practices by properly disposing of organic waste materials.

Moreover, the department extends its services to both residential and commercial customers, offering comprehensive household garbage pickup solutions. Whether it's the collection of rapid rail containers or the handling of large dumpsters, they cater to the diverse needs of our community. This commitment to waste management supports the health and well-being of our city, maintaining a clean environment for all residents and businesses alike.

In essence, our Sanitation Department is the backbone of our city's cleanliness and environmental sustainability, ensuring that waste removal is conducted efficiently and responsibly, benefiting us all.

The Transfer Station located at 1005 Avenue C, Bainbridge, GA 39819 is managed by Young Recycling.

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7:30am - 4:30pm
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