Natural Gas Department

Natural gas Showroom

Our city's Natural Gas Department plays a vital role in providing reliable and efficient energy services to our community, extending its reach to encompass parts of Decatur County and Down Range Industrial Parks. With a commitment to both convenience and safety, the department offers a range of valuable services and resources.

For new customers, the department goes the extra mile by offering financing options that can be put towards the purchase of natural gas appliances. This not only encourages the adoption of eco-friendly appliances but also eases the transition to natural gas as an energy source.

Safety is a paramount concern, and the Natural Gas Department takes it seriously. In the event of a possible gas leak, residents are urged to call 911 immediately and refrain from turning off appliances, lights, or hanging up the phone in the affected area. To promote safety awareness, the department mails a safety pamphlet twice a year, equipping residents with essential information to prevent accidents and respond effectively to gas-related incidents.

Furthermore, the department boasts a Natural Gas Connection Showroom, where residents can explore and purchase a variety of natural gas appliances, including fireplaces and more. Customers can enjoy 0% interest financing on their appliance(s) and installation and receive rebates up to $300. This showroom not only enhances the accessibility of natural gas products but also serves as an education hub, fostering a greater understanding of the benefits of natural gas in our daily lives. To learn more, visit our showroom at 222 S Broad St Bainbridge, GA 39817, call Tanner Harrell at 229-672-8086 or check us out online by clicking the link below.

In sum, our Natural Gas Department is dedicated to serving our city and its extended areas with dependable energy solutions, while prioritizing safety, education, and customer convenience.

Contact Information

1503 Pierce Street
Phone: 229.248.2014


7:30am - 4:30pm
Monday - Friday