The City of Bainbridge has worked very hard to bring jobs to the community as well as invest in our infrastructure and parks system. All of the investment has led to Bainbridge becoming an even more desirable place to live, work, and play. As more people move to Bainbridge, available housing has become less, and costs to purchase or rent have increased. This situation is not unique to Bainbridge and the pressures on housing are being felt throughout the United States where it is better characterized as an “affordability crisis” as opposed to a housing crisis. 

As the situation began to unfold in Bainbridge, we wanted a clearer picture of what housing we have, its condition, and what we are facing as a city in the future. In early 2022 the City of Bainbridge enlisted the help of Mosaic Community Planning (Mosaic) as consultants to assist the City of Bainbridge with developing a housing needs assessment and market study. A Housing Needs Assessment and Market Study is a comprehensive analysis conducted to gather information and insights into the City of Bainbridge’s housing needs and market conditions. It serves as a crucial tool for the city, developers, and community organizations to make informed decisions and take actions that address housing challenges in a specific area. 

After multiple public input sessions, a visual windshield survey, and lots of census data analysis, Mosaic finished the Bainbridge Housing Needs Assessment and in August of 2023, presented it to the City of Bainbridge. 

Supporting Documents

Housing Resources

The Georgia Department of Community Affairs has compiled a comprehensive list of resources available to current and future residents of Georgia that can be useful for a variety of situations including rental assistance resources, homelessness resources, elderly and veteran resources, etc. To access these resources, follow the link below: 

Other resources available in Decatur County include the following: 

Decatur County Community Action Council (229) 246-3119

This list does not include all possible resources. If you would like to add your resource to this page, send the information to Crystal Hines, Community Affairs Director via email.