Debris Removal Update

Latest Hurricane Debris Removal Update
Posted on 03/14/2019



We do have some new information to share. It is not a final solution to the on-going debris issue but we do think that we are making progress. On Monday, March 11 we finalized contracts with True North Emergency Management and Crowder Gulf to finish the county-wide collection of remaining Hurricane Michael related storm debris. These contracts call for the collection of all remaining debris including leaners, hangers and stumps. The contractors are both prepared to start work within a week’s time of receiving a formal “Notice to Proceed” from the city and the county. Unfortunately, we are not yet in position to issue the “Notice to Proceed” because we have a disagreement with FEMA concerning the amount of debris still within the public Right of Way that is eligible for pick-up and reimbursement. According to FEMA estimates, there is only slightly less than 17,000 cubic yards of eligible debris remaining county-wide. It is the position of the city and the county that this estimate is woefully inadequate and would result in a catastrophic economic hardship being placed on the county and its residents. We are in the process of disputing the FEMA estimates and we believe we will be able to get a quick resolution to this last remaining hold-up.

The city and county governments are appreciative of your continued patience as we work through the issues. We know that this has been a frustrating process. We are just as frustrated as you are. It would; however, be irresponsible for us to proceed without assurance that the community will be reimbursed for the cost of debris removal. We will keep you posted as things develop.