City Receives Fogg Grant

City of Bainbridge Receives Third Fogg Charitable Trust Grant
Posted on 12/30/2020

The City of Bainbridge is pleased to announce the generous contribution of an additional $100,000 recently received from the Fogg Charitable Trust. The funds come after the Fogg Charitable Trust had committed $105,000 in March of 2019 and $100,000 in December of 2020  for the ADA accessible ramp project at Chason Park. This three part grant has allowed the city to construct an ADA accessible ramp connecting a string of city owned parks with the city’s Central Business District and the Flint River. This ramp has been a critical component of the city’s new Riverwalk and is also a major feature of the city’s long-term “Connectivity Master Plan”. Without the generosity and civic mindedness of groups such as The Fogg Charitable Trust, this and similar projects could not move from concept to reality.