Fire Investigations

Arson is one of the leading causes of fires and deaths due to fire in the United States. According to a National Fire Protection Association report from 2010, intentional fires cost $1.2 billion in direct property damage. At the same time, the legal climate for investigating and prosecuting cases of arson has become much more demanding and complex.

The crime of arson is one of the most costly human-made disasters. Arson indirectly contributes to increased insurance premiums, higher medical costs, lost jobs, lost income, and the increased costs of fire services. We need your help to combat this serious crime. If you have any information regarding any fire-related crimes, please contact the Bainbridge Public Safety Department at 229-248-2038.
All Investigators are Certified as a State of Georgia Fire Investigators, Certified as a State of Georgia Firefighters, and Certified State of Georgia Peace Officers through Police Officer Standard Training. They are also Certified Fire Investigator through National Professional Qualification and Certified Fire Investigator through Police Officer Standard Training.

Investigators are on call 24-hours a day 365 days a year to respond outside of their normal office hours. Bainbridge Public Safety Fire Investigators are responsible for investigating all suspicious and non-suspicious fires where a cause cannot readily be determined by on-scene personnel. This responsibility also includes fires resulting in injury and/or death.

We also work closely with the State of Georgia Fire Marshal’s Office, Bainbridge Public Safety Fire & Life Safety Educators to identify and eliminate potential life safety hazards.