Coming Soon: Town Hall Talk!

Town Hall Talk Begins September 6
Posted on 08/23/2019
Lets Talk

Do you have questions for local government staff or elected officials? Beginning September 1, you can email your questions or comments to and each Friday, beginning September 6, local officials will answer your questions or respond to your comments via our new blog. The blog post will be linked from our social media ( Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) as well as our website

What is a town hall meeting? 
Despite the name town hall, meetings are often not held in the town hall. In this case, our weekly town hall meetings will happen in a web based setting. We are following the suit of holding the meeting in a public place with open access via the internet.

Some rules will apply:

  1. Just as an open meeting held at city hall, your email must state your first and last name and where you reside. Only questions posed in that manner will be answered.
  2. Profanity or personal attacks will not tolerated.

Our intention of the electronic town hall meeting is to keep our community informed, answer questions with intent and hear from our residents. We encourage you to follow our blog by subscribing to it.