Water Tank Tower
Gas Department

The City Gas Department is made up of two employees under the direction of Kevin Maxwell. This department maintains all natural gas lines throughout the city, as well as parts of Decatur County Industrial Park. We have a finance program for those interested in becoming new gas customers, as well as those looking to upgrade their existing natural gas appliances. Our Public Services Department would be happy to assist with any questions regarding your natural gas needs. 

For those that need to report a gas leak: call 911 from a safe distance from the site of the leak; DO NOT turn off any appliances, lights, or hang up the phone in the building, or around the site of the leak. A safety pamphlet is mailed twice a year for public awareness to help citizens understand the importance of natural gas safety in dealing with a natural gas leak. 

Sewer Department

The City Sewer Department is made up of three employees and is under the direction of Paul Baggett. Sewer department handles all issues concerning sewer back up and sewage pump stations. A sewage back up can cause problems when flushing commodes, sinks, tubs, and washing machine lines not draining properly. If you are experiencing these problems please contact our Public Services Department. 

Water Department

The City Water Department is made up of three employees and is under the direction of Hubert Campbell. Our water department handles leaks within the city, installing fire hydrants, installing new lines, and replacing old lines. We have a lab that tests fifteen samples a month from various locations throughout the city to ensure the quality of drinking water. This department also supervises meter placement for new customers and meter reading for existing customers. Any reports of water issues can be reported to our Public Services Office.